Jef Geys

+32 475 58 48 25

Jef specializes in fatigue, burnout , stress, physical training, nutrition, supplementation and increasing mental resilience.  He has successfully treated olympic athletes he has now extrapolated his experience and knowledge to treat high profile business men/women or individuals who are simply concerned about their health and want to be in top shape.

As a sports physiotherapist and former cyclist, he starts with the following premise : the body must first be fully equipped and in good condition before effort. Through the testing of physical, hormonal, mental and emotional fatigue Jef advices on how to increase energy levels and find a balance between load and recovery. His guidance focuses on different areas, from food to sports and time management.

"I assume that the emotional , physical and mental aspects of the person are linked. It is useless for people who are mentally tired, to effectively capitalize from a management course for example, if the person can´t focus.  First, they need help to manage their stress and physical problems. Then they can truly benefit from training, courses, physical activity. There is no significant evolution in a fatigued person, once this is tackled, sky is the limit"

Eva Pareyn
Business coach

+32 497 54 55 54

Eva is a warm, sober and focused coach.   Her experience as a personal coach and trainer in stress reduction on employees have helped her project a different outlook on reality on her coachees .

Her straightforward and confrontative style, contributes to an accelerated self-development of the coachee.  From specific development, personal experiences and perception, she motivates the coachee to explore other perspectives and practices . With 2200 hours of training experience in stress reduction and 1250 hours of coaching experience, Eva has a solid emotional maturity that manifests itself in deep human insight and highly developed interpersonal skills.

"I am convinced that every moment is an opportunity to make a change in your life. Each individual holds the necessary keys , but sometimes the help of a professional, enables the individual to use their tools efficiently, accelerating the mechanisms of change . "