Organisatie voor beter fysiek en mentaal presteren bij manager : 365 op 365 fit is our challenge

Together with you Primefit will search for the cause of stress and fatigue. The type and amount of fatigue is a very important factor. We map this and strengthen the resiliance of your body so that within 10 years you're still as fit as you are today.

Total Body Scan

We test the entire body searching for incomplete recovery areas after load/effort. We establish 4 distinct types of fatigue:

  • mental (emotional – intelelctual)
  • physical (ANS)
  • hormonal (adrenal)
  • metabolic (energetic system).

We make a clear distinction between main and secondary factors in the context of the type of fatigue.

Sports can restore a tired body
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Targeted individual plan

Each body is unique and therefore we must work in a personalized manner. When preparing your plan, we take into consideration the following:

  • past sport activity
  • professional activity
  • personal situation
  • medical background
  • hobbies
  • personal expectations

Everyone recieves a unique personalized plan, to become the best version of themselves, the competition is within.

Become a specialist of your own body

During the supervision of your individual plan, we teach you to master your own body. What are the weak spots and triggers that keep you from your achieving your goals? How do you learn to recognize signals in your body and how to react appropriately to maintain balance?

Primefit aids as a preventive health advice

4 Leaf Clover ® Advice

For each type of fatigue, in combination with physical characteristics, a different evaluation is necessary. Our advice can be divided into four main groups.

  1. Mental relaxation
  2. Sleep and rest times
  3. Nutrition and dietary supplementation
  4. Training and movement

A good relation between physical recovery and physical stress, prepares your body for effort.

Our advice: work to achieve a well rested body.

Our own research has shown that only 30% of the people we tested (7.000people)didn´t suffer from any type of fatigue. Only this small group would eventually benefit from general excercise advice, nutrition, etc... The other 70% has to work to overcome their fatigue and then work with a rested body to develop their full capacity. Primefit makes a personal plan (not a program).

What type of fatigue do you suffer? Are you following a healthy plan at this time?